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How to : App Layout

1 min read Last Updated: Apr 10, 2024
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How to : App Layout

Once you’re done designing your app in the Creator Portal, you’ll find the Layout section. This is where you can choose which tabs and features you would like to make available on your app, as well as change the order in which they appear.

The first and last sections, Home and More, respectively, cannot be removed or changed.

Currently, we support up to 6 tabs at once.

Sections can be added by scrolling to the bottom and clicking on the “+” icon.

Sections can be removed by clicking on the trash can icon.

The order of sections can be changed by clicking on the arrows icon and holding while dragging.


This is where users will be greeted with a content feed of all of your posts. Here, fans can comment, like, and connect.


The Music section is where you can link your Apple Music and Spotify pages in order to make your music available to stream in-app.

This is done by simply copy and pasting your URLs for each service.


The Members section is where you can set your membership prices. We offer a wide range of monthly subscription prices, as well as annual costs with included discounts.

We recommend setting the discount for yearly between 20% and 35%.

Currency in USD.


The Shop section is where you can link any website with the purpose of making your online shop available directly in your app. Simply copy and paste the URL in order to have it displayed in-app.

For seamless integration, you can link your existing Shopify store from the app.


The Calendar section is where you can list any upcoming events, such as concerts or live streams.

In the case of ticketed events, you will be able to link URLs of third-party ticket-selling websites in the settings of your app.


The Video section is where users can view any videos you have posted in the app. This includes music videos, footage of shows, or even personal vlogs.


The More section is where users and administrators can access relevant settings. It is also where any user can log out of the app.

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